Validation and Design of an AI-Driven Edtech Startup

On average, Spanish schools have one counsellor for every 700 students.

So the challenge is even greater than just designing a digital product. During validation, we worked on defining the service, stakeholders, touchpoints and business model very well. Beyuu aims to help students who are unsure of their career path or in which profession to excel and also offers value to tutors and parents who do not have the tools to help their children at this crucial time in the life of any student.

Beyuu Edtech

As Lead Product Designer at Eleven Lab, I led the concept validation, branding and web design with my team. I personally took care of the development and launch of the product with a codeless chatbot generator and using Chat-GPT4 as the AI model.

The iteration of the MVP product consisted of a series of educational orientation tests for different user profiles depending on the school or university course. All this work was successfully accomplished and we were able to launch the solution to the market in about 3 months.



My role

Brand Manual

Business Design

Interactive Prototype

Market and Competitive Analysis


MVP Development

Project Management

Startup Program

User Tests

UX Research


Workshop Facilitation

Business Model and Value Proposition
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Test and Platform designs
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