With more than 10 years of experience as a designer, I have been able to work with well-known clients such as BBVA, Samsung, Novartis, Telefonica or Orange among others, where I have been able to develop and grow as a Product Designer with a very broad business approach, which now It allows me to be able to lead and develop such diverse and innovative projects with all our clients and entrepreneurs at Eleven Lab.

Originally from Venezuela and Galician by adoption. Let's say I started designing as a professional a bit late. My first job was as Commercial Pilot for a small airline company back in Venezuela, following my father's footsteps. After that period I studied Advertising and Marketing, worked as a social media manager and learning the basics of graphic design and art direction.

Father of an amazing 10 year old kid and married to a fantastic woman, I am a person with many hobbies. I love surfing and I practice surf skate, basketball and running too. I had a hardcore band with some friends when we were younger and to this day I still play the guitar every day and writing silly songs. I love doing yoga with my wife, traveling in a motorhome on summer and ending the day on a beach or surrounded by nature makes my day.

I consider myself a design sprint lover, I listen to design podcasts almost every day, I have a fairly extensive library of design books, and my favorite tools are Figma, Slack, and ClickUp.





A well-structured, planned and communication-based design process is one of the keys to the success of any project. And although each project is different, there are various tools that I have been maturing and integrating over time into my toolkit in order to reach the objectives satisfactorily.

Set Up

Every project is born from a customer need. In this phase it is very important to clearly align concepts and objectives on both sides, explaining the methodology and approach of the work to be carried out, so that the client understands the value that I bring to the project.


This phase is the set of dynamics and processes that must be applied according to my criteria to extract all the necessary information from stakeholders, data or previous investigations that allow me to have a 360 view of the project, as well as begin the definition and adjustments of roadmaps for to later phases.


At this point we would begin to materialize the value proposition or new features previously tested. Having done a good job in the previous phases and having the whole team with clear ideas, will translate into greater speed and efficiency in the development of this phase, from wireframing to a complex design system.


One of the most relevant phases for any project is the constant monitoring and collection of data, which allows us to detect possible failures as soon as possible in order to correct them and continue knowing the real use of our product.



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