Novartis Digital Brain

Envisioning the new experience to revamp the platform that will allow them to achieve its Growth plan to scale partnerships.

Novartis Digital Brain is a partnership relationship management platform to discover, evaluate and managing partners to help teams accelerate and scale digital alliances. Novartis was looking to assess its current platform, gather feedback and identify the key user journeys that will the define the main product functionalities in order to be a “Launch ready” platform. Back in 2020 I was part of the consultancy team as a Product Designer.

What I do

UX Research

User Tests

Interactive Prototype


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There were a series of discoveries and recommendations in all aspects of the digital product that were reflected in a technical document with all the details of the research carried out with the stakeholders. We worked on every detail at the visual, experience, data and technology levels that allowed Novartis to start designing and developing the Digital Brain of the future.

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