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Design the business strategy of a new innovation lab, manage multiple projects with both Startups and Companies, lead a multidisciplinary team of young designers and senior freelancers, facilitate workshops with stakeholders and collaborate on a day-to-day basis with my team in the execution of all the projects is part of the human and design management that I carry out at Eleven Lab

Forming and leading a multidisciplinary design team from scratch, that was inclusive and with the perfect mix of experience and talented young people during the pandemic, was only a small part of the entire challenge that was posed to me.

The co-creation and ideation of all the programs offered by Eleven Lab for both startups and companies. the direction and strategy of all the design projects or the facilitation of the Discovery workshops or of any kind that was necessary within the projects, are some of the tasks that as Design Director I have been able to carry out during these last years with positive results.

What I do

Brand Manual

Business Design

Startup Program

Team management

Project Management

Workshop Facilitation


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After two years as Lead Product Designer first and now having the responsibility as Design Director of a small consulting firm and innovation lab that works with large companies and promising startups, I think the result is quite good and the expectation for next year is to continue working to maintain the stability and sustainability achieved so far.

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