BBVA Global Net Cash

BBVA's electronic banking platform for global companies offers its customers the necessary tools to control their finances whenever and wherever they want

As part of the BBVA design team, I was commissioned to start the redesign of this platform that was deprioritized at the time, since they did not have a large number of clients who would actually use or value the app, but the long-term goal that the bank had was to invest in the redesign and technical improvement of the service in order to become the platform most used by all of BBVA's global clients.

Some of the greatest needs or pain points that the different users of the platform had at that time were been able to view detailed, up to date info from corporate accounts in different countries at the same time or been able to check the intraday balances and transaction histories of their accounts wherever they are and whenever they need them for example. At the same time, the new design system was already on going and we had to deal with creating new components, interactions or icons among others tasks.

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The result was to be able to launch a new platform and mobile app in different countries, starting with Mexico and Spain, where we were able to exponentially improve the services that we already offered and that we knew were red lights for many clients, but at the same time increase the benefits and to be able to make Global Net Cash the necessary tool in the day to day of these international corporations. For more info you can visit what Global Net Cash is today at the following link.

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