Wellic Health

The platform designed for the comprehensive management of all health and wellness professionals. Wellic offers numerous functionalities for better follow-up of consultation, management and care of people.

Wellic is one of those projects that was born in Eleven Lab and of which you are immediately excited by all the challenge behind it and the long-term goal that the entrepreneurs set for themselves. At Wellic, the search for health and well-being is understood as a lifestyle, seeking to find a balance between the physical and the mental. To do this, the proposal offers the support of key professionals during the process, thus allowing the creation of a large community of experts in different areas of health and well-being in order to offer the best possible specialized service both in person and online.

On the other hand, one of the challenges that was established was to create the best management tool both for their patients and for their internal tasks.

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The results during the validation of the project were very positive and in some way confirmed that we were on the right track to develop a tool that our professionals greatly needed, but at the same time it posed greater challenges for us to be able to find the flexibility that professionals with such needs need. different such as, for example, a personal trainer and a psychologist. Today, the Wellic team is in a phase of attracting professionals and future clients, with whom they meet and present the demo developed by the Eleven Lab team. At the same time, they are in conversations with other stakeholders interested in collaborating and continuing with the development of the platform.

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